Homework (or Homeschool) Pledge

At the Gardner household, we've grown weary of daily homework battles. If your home resembles ours, you spend three-quarters of your weekday evenings making statements similar to these:

"Stop twirling in your seat and focus."
"Does this joke have anything to do with science?"
"No more gas noises."
"You went to the bathroom seven minutes ago!"
"Mop up those tears. Spelling isn't worth crying over."
"If you're not done writing that paragraph in five minutes, you're going to be grounded from Playstation until
you're twenty-three!"

These and many others were regulars around our place. And I repeated them EVERY evening. That is, until I realized that I had never set established clear-cut expectations. There's something miraculous about writing down rules, posting them in a public place, and referring to them as needed.

When I discovered this, I searched online for a homework pledge but found absolutely nothing. So I set out to create my own. Hubby and I conferred over its content, then we had a family meeting. All points were discussed and all parties signed,,stating that they understood and would abide by the pledge--or suffer the consequences!

Yes, parents have consequences too. We don't get a time-out or T.V. restriction. No, our consequences are much worse--we suffer from whiny, grumpy children who drag their homework into a four-hour event. It's well worth my effort to keep this list at the forefront of our minds.

Does this pledge solve every problem? Have we had an angelic atmosphere in the home since signing it?


But, I can tell you this--we regress only when I forget to keep us all accountable.

I've pasted it below for you, but feel free to tweak it according to your family's needs.

Happy homeworking! (hopefully...)


As a student, while doing my homework, I pledge to:

1.       Not sing, make noises, or talk/ask questions about things that do not pertain to homework.
2.       Not get up without permission.
3.       Work diligently and apply myself until the tasks are finished.
4.       Work so that my homework gets done in the timeliest manner possible.
5.       Have a good attitude. This excludes whining, scowling, tossing things about in frustration or anger, defacing my homework pages with scribbles, or any other display of unhappiness at either my parents or my homework.
6.       Speak in calm and respectful tones with my parents.
7.       Be neat and use proper capitalization and punctuation at all times.

I understand that each infraction will deny me ________________________________ once my homework is done.

Signed: ______________________ Dated: ______________________

As a parent, I pledge to abide by the following while my child is doing homework:

1.       Be patient at all times.
2.       Speak in calm and respectful tones to my child.
3.       Answer to the best of my ability all questions pertaining to homework.
4.       Keep my child accountable to diligently following his/her Homework Pledge.
5.       Apply correction consistently in order to maintain structure and a pleasant home environment.
Signed: ______________________ Dated: ______________________

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  1. We homeschooled for nine years. I understand where you're coming from. On the flip side, we didn't usually do homework in the evenings. They knew that if they worked hard all morning (about three hours) they would get the rest of the day 'off'. (Amazing what you can get accomplished in three solid hours without all the discipline and logistical issues of a public school...) If that didn't happen, they had to finish in the afternoon. My sanity couldn't take homework in the evening too!

    1. Hey girl!
      I'm probably going back to homeschooling my daughter this fall, and although it will take a chunk of my time, it DOES have it benefits. Such as--no homework!
      I see us using this pledge for "regular" school work at that point.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I think this is a great idea! I wish we had this when raising my children. I passed it along to my grown kids.
    Thank you!!


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